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1) COLLIERS are members and are subject to the rules of the GENERAL INSURANCE STANDARDS COUNCIL (GISC) and as such undertake to comply with the Private & Commercial Customer Codes. Copies of the codes are available from COLLIERS or the GISC at 110 cannon Street, London, EC4N 6EU. As independent intermediaries COLLIERS first duty is to their CLIENTS.

2) COLLIERS will provide their CLIENTS with the best possible advice based on the information provided by the CLIENT. The CLIENT must provide all relevant information when requested to do so and COLLIERS will accept no responsibility if facts material to the risk are withheld or misrepresented either verbally, in writing or in the completion of a proposal form. Any of these actions could lead to claims not being paid by INSURERS and if there is any doubt as to what constitutes a material fact, this should be discussed with COLLIERS.

3) Should the CLIENT have a complaint against COLLIERS or the INSURER they should write to The Principal, Colliers, 146a Bellegrove Road, Welling, Kent,DA16 3QR with full details. If the Principal does not resolve the complaint to the CLIENTS satisfaction, the CLIENT will be advised of the relevant INSURERS complaints procedure. The INSURER will then investigate the matter and if the CLIENT Is still not satisfied details will be provided of relevant adjudicator schemes such as The Insurance Ombudsman, the Corporation of Lloyds or the Personal Insurance Arbitration Service.

4) COLLIERS will provide the CLIENT with all INSURER documents such as policies, certificates, renewals and endorsements; explain the essential provisions of the policy cover including restrictions & exclusions; advise on claim procedures; details of commission if requested; treat in confidence all information the CLIENT provides.

5) The CLIENT, in instructing COLLIERS to arrange an insurance policy, agrees to pay in full the appropriate premium as demanded together with any additional premiums arising through adjustments to the policy.

6) The CLIENT also agrees to the following scale of minimum charges which COLLIERS will apply to all policies otherwise agreed between COLLIERS & the CLIENT and which are in addition to any premium required by the INSURER.

Short terms instalment facilities at COLLIERS discretion for the payment of annual premiums

30 days £10.00 60 days £20.00

Any mid term adjustment £20.00 - Renewals with a premium below £200 - £10.00
Duplicate Certificates of Motor Insurance £20.00 - Renewals with a premium over £200 - £20.00

7) If the CLIENT cancels a policy mid-term, the CLIENT agrees to re-burse COLLIERS in respect of any loss of commission, subject to a minimum of £20.00, and an adjustment in respect of this may be made in any credit or refund passed to the CLIENT.

8) If the CLIENT pays a premium with a cheque which is subsequently dishonoured, COLLIERS will charge a fee of £20.00 each and every time a cheque is returned unpaid from the CLIENTS bank.

9) If the CLIENT fails or refuses to pay the appropriate premiums for any policy, or if payment is being made by monthly direct debits and payments fail for any reason and the outstanding balance is not paid in full immediately, after due notice the CLIENT shall automatically be deemed to have instructed COLLIERS to cancel the policy.

10) If, after cancellation of a policy, a balance of premium remains outstanding, the CLIENT agrees to pay this in full on demand. In addition the CLIENT agrees that sum equal to the commission lost, subject to a minimum of £20.00 will be added to the outstanding premium.

11) If the balance of premium is not paid on demand, COLLIERS will appoint a debt collection agency to collect the outstanding balance on their behalf. All additional charges & costs incurred in the collection of the outstanding debt including those of the debt collecting agency, will then be added to the debt. (Details of charges will be notified to the CLIENT AS THEY OCCUR)